Ukraine/Russian Church in Dallas Area – Northrich Richardson

Contributed by David
Northrich Baptist Church
1101 N. Custer Road
Richardson, TX 75080

Our family is looking for a Christian Ukraine/Russian Church to attend. My wife is from the Ukraine and I wanted her to be able to associate with other people from the Ukraine at least once a week. I had been searching the Internet and came across Northrich Baptist Church. The main church is a regular English speaking Baptist Church but at 2:00 p.m. they lend their building to this Russian Congregation. If you take I-75 North out of Dallas you will exit on Arapho and turn left. Take the Custer Exit (Right Turn) and the Russian Church/Northrich Baptist is about one minute up the street on the right hand side. It is clearly marked and easy to find.

We arrived with one minute to spare (services start at 2:00 p.m.) and were greated by the pastor whom I had called the night before. His English is pretty good and while we were speaking with him several other people came up to introduce themselves to my wife. (My wife is new in the country so her English isn’t that good). Services started and they are ALL in Russian. My wife loved it and I was bored to tears. Nevertheless the bonus points that I got at home for finding this church for my wife were big time.

The people were very very warm and welcomed us as if we were old friends returning from a long vacation. I really appreciated the giving and Christ like feeling that was throughout the services and amongst the people. At one point in the service we had stood to sing a hymn in Russian and my wife had handed me the English Hymnal with the page opened to page 62. I was trying to get the tune down when one of the Russian women across the way noticed my problem. She came across and correctly turned the page to the corresponding song and I was able to sing in English while everyone else was singing in Russian. (The English Hymnal and the Russian Hymnal have the same songs but on different pages).

As we were leaving the Senior Pastor came up and talked to us but I’m not sure he speaks English. I noticed on the website that he has been in the country two years and my wife said he spoke Ukrainian instead of Russian to her. However, he was a very nice man also.

Finally, we were told that starting in December they will have their services in both English and Russian which will really help augment their services. If you are looking for a small Russian/Ukrainian Church were the people are open, warm, kind Christian people I would highly recommend this church.


Thanks to our contributor David. If you are looking for a Ukraine woman that you can share your life with why not join us at


The Russian Language Service is at 2:00 p.m. The people were really friendly.


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