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Getting money into the Ukraine can be expensive or risky. However, before you send money to the Ukraine ask yourself why you are sending it and what for. No woman should ever be asking you for money. Women (or men pretending to be women) that operate outside of a mail order bride companies are often scammers. Women operating from legitimate mail order bride companies are forbidden from asking for money. Finally, mail order bride companies which are legitimate organizations are able to take credit cards for payment and do not require you to send them money by other methods.

However, at some point you may want to send money to the Ukraine. You can do that one of several ways;

1. Thru the Mail Order Bride Company you are doing business with: If you have an established relationship with your mail order bride company they can be a clearing house for you to send small sums such as payment for a phone card, flowers, clothing, gift baskets etc. (Rarely is there ever a reason that a lady in the Ukraine needs “cash” and your mail order bride company such as will be glad to check out the validity of someone asking you for cash.

2. Western Union: Every berg in the Ukraine has a Western Union. You can send money from the USA by using the Western Union Website by CLICKING HERE FOR WESTERN UNION and paying with your credit or debit card. You can also go to your local Western Union and sending money from any of their locations. When you send money this way you will get a MTCN number that is what your Ukraine lady will need to receive the money on her end. My personal opinion is that it is save to email this number to her because she is also going to have to produce picture ID to pick up the money.

3. Bank Transfer (aka Wire to Wire): Your girl is going to have a bank account or know someone that does. She can get the wire information from her bank and her bank can fax it to you or she can email this information to you. Then go to your own bank and tell them you want to send a wire transfer to a person in the Ukraine. They will ask you for the bank whom you are wiring the money to, the person (beneficiary) that will be receiving the money and the bank numbers. Some banks in the Ukraine do not have SWIFT numbers so be prepared to explain why you don’t have a SWIFT number (most do now-a-days). The cost for this varies from bank to bank but typically will run you from $30-$45.00.

***Comparing Western Union and Bank Wire Transfers. Because Western Union charges a percentage if you are wiring larger sums the fees can get ridiculous. As a rule anything over $1,000 I recomend that you send the mnoney by Bank Wire Transfer.

4. Mailing money to the Ukraine by USPS or Post Office: Illegal. A good synopsis of the rules about brining money into the country and mailing items to the country is contained HERE but in short don’t put cash in the mail NOR a debit card. Both are illegal.

5. Leave a cash deposit with your Mail Order Bride Company. I know this sounds crazy but after your first visit you will find that certain expenses will be necessary for future trips. Deposits for apartments, phone expenses for your lady, perhaps dental care for her, immigration cost for translations, police certificates etc. all documents which cost money and are required by te US consulate. I have always found that leaving a few hundred dollars “on deposit” with the agency was easier than sending repeat payments by Western Union. But, then I have always used an American Based Mail Order Bride Company such as where I got a full accounting, monthly.

Other information you should know about bringing cash and/or gifts into or out of the Ukraine include;

You can freely bring money if it doesn’t exceed $10,000. If your cash-in-hand is more than $1,000, the sum must be declared in writing. If you need to bring more than $10,000 in cash you will have to obtain a special form from the National Bank of Ukraine. The process can take up to several days. Note that you cannot leave the country with a sum more than stated in the declaration you have filled out upon arrival. The export of local currency is limited to UAH 85. Do not loose your entry declaration, as a custom office has the right to confiscate all your valuable items, including cash.

It’s important to remember that one cannot send money through the international mail. Money sent this way can be a subject to confiscation.

You can bring the following items with you in Ukraine duty-free: alcohol (1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of wine); cigarettes (200 cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco or cigars); foodstuff for private use; personal belongings and toiletries; gifts. Note that only persons over 20 years of age can bring alcohol to Ukraine.

Upon departure from Ukraine your customs declaration will be carefully examined**. So it’s better not to forget to declare all your valuable items upon arrival and to keep all the receipts for purchases in Ukraine and other countries if you just transit the country.

I use to travel into and out of the Ukraine and always lost my declaration that I had made when I came into the Ukraine. After all it is a little piece of paper about 2 x 3 inches. You get it when you pass through customs into the Ukraine. My last trip there the guy ahead of me (in the immigration line) was detained and missed the flight because he couldn’t produce his declaration.

I’m holding onto mine from now on:-)

Learn more about the Ukraine with a native speaker by CLICKING HERE

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