Scammers Identified (How to see scammers coming)

Written by David

There are some wonderful people in the Ukraine. Kind, giving, friendly, trusting are all words that I would use to describe the average Ukraine citizen. Ukraine women I would describe as loyal, family oriented, beautiful, highly intelligent and congenial.

But like in every society there are people that are scammers and will rip you off. This is a partial list of some of the women/men in the international dating scene that you should avoid;

1. Any woman that ask you for money.
2. Any unsolicited email that you get telling you how lonely she is and hopes you write her cause she “needs love”.
3. Woman that ask you to purchase things for her such as clothing, camera, jewelry (different if you are stupid enough to offer . . . if you offer on the first date doubly stupid of you).
4. Women that want you to come to their city to visit them but wont come to your city (I’m talking about the Ukraine city that you rent your flat in when you visit the Ukraine) after you offer to pay their way by train/bus.
5. Women that insist they will come visit you but it must be by plane (air flight is a big luxury in the Ukraine/Russia and if you pay for her travels by air you have set yourself up as the gravy train and hung a sing out that says, “I’m easily taken advantage of”).
6. Emails that when you look at the header and ping it back don’t originate in the local where your girl says she is writing from.
7. Girls that say they need money for VISA so the girl can come visit you. (Doesn’t work that way. See my other post on the immigration process).
8. Girls that want you to call them right away. For the most part she isn’t going to be able to understand you anyway. She can’t leave the Ukraine until you have a face to face meeting and so if you must waste your money listening to a translator talk at least join a service and pay for video conferencing so you can see your lady.
9. If she needs money for her mothers illness. Duh, it is socialized medicine healthcare is FREE. She might need a bribe for the doctor to get to the head of the line but it is more like $20-$50 and it is occasional (no self respecting girl will ask you for money anyway . . . See point number 1).
10. Girls that say they need money for a taxi to meet you for dinner etc. Taxi’s are very cheap and although it is proper that you offer to pay it when she ASK for it then it is a tip off that you have a “gold digger” and not someone genuinely interested in you.

There are many more so guys that have been to the Ukraine please jump in and add your comments/experiences.

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